Legal Holding

Legal Holding

Why is it not convenient to use a local distributor as the Ecuadorian registration holder?

Based on our extensive experience in the field, this is a key list of the disadvantages of having a local distributor handle these responsibilities and the advantages of hiring a Sanitary Registry Holder.

Sanitary Registration Roles

Sanitary Registration Holder
Chose distributors for your products.
Change the distributor.
Add more distributors.
You decide when and how to do regulatory changes.
You can define the price of your products.
We are focused on regulatory affairs to protect your bussiness.

Sanitary Registration Holder DISTRIBUTOR X
One distributor –> Distributor X
Distributor X will control or limit your decision to change or add more distributors. Waste of time.
Distributor X has the control to decide when and how to do regulatory changes.
Distributor X defines the price of your products
Distributor X is focused on selling.

If you are planning to sell sanitary products in Ecuador or you are already doing so, you need what we call a License Registration Holder. This holder plays a key role for your products:

  • Is your legal representative in Ecuador.
  • Is contact for the Regulatory Agency.
  • Reports back to you about any adverse event related to your sold products
  • Physically holds your Ecuadorian Licenses and any other legal authorization on your behalf
  • Makes submissions to the Regulatory Agency.

In conclusion, a Holder must be able to react correctly to any local regulations in a timely manner for the good of their business.

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