About Us

About Us

CABAL CONSULTING is an Ecuadorian company made up of a professional team with more than 15 years of experience in regulatory affairs and technical advice in the management of business projects in the health sector.

Our objective is to support our clients in their development and business consolidation, providing them with Regulatory, Technical and Business advice in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and health sectors.

We accompany the client, with legal and regulatory advice, from the conception of the business plan, to the marketing and post marketing of the product.

Our Services


Processed Food

Medical Devices



Dental products


Hygiene Products


Reagent Bio-chemicals



Natural Products

Baby bottles


Experience: Endorsed by our extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs.

Efficiency: We optimize resources to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio of the processes.

Confidentiality: We maintain absolute confidentiality on all the information provided by our clients.

Professionalism: Commitment. Adaptability to change. Customer orientation and results. We act quickly to keep processes within expectations and thus meet planned objectives.

Quality: We strive to maintain excellence in the services provided, exceeding customer expectations.

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